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I am very honored to announce that this site placed in the top 10 best fan sites in a contest conducted by Audioslave's Street Team! As a result, this site will be linked on Audioslave's official website! Thanks to the Street Team and everyone else who made this possible!

In the spirit of the supergroups of the past, two of the most important groups of the nineties have pooled their talents to create a new band: AUDIOSLAVE! On November 19, 2002, Epic Records released Audioslave's self-titled debut album featuring former lead singer/guitarist of Soundgarden, Chris Cornell (vocals) and Rage Against The Machine's Tim Commerford (bass), Tom Morello (guitar), and Brad Wilk (drums). Audioslave was recorded in Los Angeles at Cello Studios with producer Rick Rubin.


In a recent interview with, Tom Morello described REVELATIONS as "Led Zeppelin meets Earth, Wind and Fire," adding that it's a "big hard rock record with a funky bottom." Among the album's many highlights is the groove-driven lead single, "Original Fire," and "Wide Awake," about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. "It's probably Audioslave's most political song to date," says Morello.
AUDIOSLAVE recorded REVELATIONS at Henson Studios in Los Angeles with acclaimed producer Brendan O'Brien. O'Brien, whose myriad credits include Pearl Jam and Bruce Spingsteen, mixed Audioslave's Out of Exile record and the Live in Cuba CD and DVD. His history with the band goes back even farther, as he produced Rage Against The Machine albums Evil Empire (1996), The Battle of Los Angeles (1999) and Renegades (2000) and mixed Soundgarden's Superunknown (1994).
REVELATIONS follows 2005's Out of Exile, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top 200 and featured the Grammy nominated single "Doesn't Remind Me."
The full track-listing for REVELATIONS is as follows:
"One And The Same"
"Sound of a Gun"
"Until We Fall"
"Original Fire"
"Broken City"
"Shape of Things To Come"
"Jewel of the Summertime"
"Wide Awake"
"Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye"




Audioslave Live in Cuba DVD Coming October 11th, 2005

The Audioslave Live in Cuba (Regular & Special Edition) DVD is coming October 11th. The Special Edition tracklist is as follows:

1. Set It Off
2. Your Time Has Come
3. Like A Stone
4. Spoonman
5. The Worm
6. Gasoline
7. Heaven's Dead
8. Doesn't Remind Me
9. Be Yourself
10. Bulls On Parade
11. Out of Exile
12. Outshined
13. Shadow On The Sun
14. Black Hole Sun
15. I Am The Highway
16. Show Me How To Live
17. Cochise

Disc/Side 2
1. Documentary
2. TV Version

Disc/Side 3
1. Be Yourself
2. Loud Love
3. Doesn't Remind Me
4. Out of Exile
5. Sleep Now In The Fire

Order information can be found here:
CD Universe


New Audioslave LP: 'Led Zeppelin Meets Earth, Wind & Fire'
In the words of Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello, the rock and roll group's forthcoming third opus is an "ass-kicker."

As fans might expect, the still-untitled LP (Morello said the band's toying with the idea of naming it Revelations) is bursting at the seams with the kind of brutal riff rock that's become Audioslave's trademark. But at the same time, they've woven deep '70s funk and soul grooves with heavy guitars, "and it's a pretty potent combination," he said.

When the album drops (Morello dispelled reports that it will surface in June), expect the end result to be "really unique" and "as hard-rockin' an album as we've ever made," the guitarist said.

"If you want your ass kicked, you've come to the right place," he added. "And you may have the opportunity to shake that ass too."

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